March 2, 2017

Exercise & physical Activities For Height Increase

 Do Exercise for 1 hour daily. Take part in games and other physicals activities in your school, college and with Home Town Friends.
  • Join any Game. such as cricket, soccer, basketball, 
  • Do running. because running is good for our body muscle and also strengthen our bones.
  • Join swimming. swimming stretch our muscle various method of swimming promote your body growth.
  • Do stretching exercise. such as yoga steps,. 
  • Do cycling. cycling promote your legs growth.
  • Do skipping. skipping the rope is very beneficial for growth.
  • Stand in good posture. Always stand or sit in 90-degree posture.
  • Rope hanging. Hang on the rope attached to the rod tie some weight to your feet.
  • jumping . do jumping with flying arms
  • sprints ( fast running ) . do at least fast running for 10 minutes even in shifts of half minutes.
  • sexual activities. Don't watch Porn and do masturbation.
  • be social. Stay Away From Mobile Games join outdoor games. be social and promote outdoor games
  • Join Jim and Cardio. only prefer light weight until your age is 25. Some exercise will also stop your growth. so beware of it.
  • Dance .you can also dance. Dancing is also good exercise which promotes your growth because it stretches our body.

Bad Habits Effect your Health

 Avoid Bad Habits. Quit all your bad habit. Its will stop your natural growth. So be away from bad your bad habits. Make environment more immune.
  • Soft drinks. Avoid the consumption of soft drinks it contains artificial flavor and harmful preservative to store for a long time.
  • Alcohol consumption. we all know alcohol consumption is bad for heath. so stay away from it. it will give adverse effects to your growth. so don't be alcoholic. 
  • Drugs . Don't consume drugs such as heroin, crack cocaine, meth, LSD, brown sugar. stay away from it will decrease the density of your bone.
  • Tobacco . tobacco is also bad for our health. it contains more than thousand chemical which is harmful to our health.
  • Smoking . Smoking is injuries to health. so quit smoking before you can quit life.
  • junk food. junk food consumption gave us obesity. obesity stop our growth. so beware of junk food, restaurant food.
  • laziness . don't be lazy. laziness is the worst enemy of the human being . if you are lazy you don't' follow height increasing methods. so also beware of it.