March 2, 2017

Exercise & physical Activities For Height Increase

 Do Exercise for 1 hour daily. Take part in games and other physicals activities in your school, college and with Home Town Friends.
  • Join any Game. such as cricket, soccer, basketball, 
  • Do running. because running is good for our body muscle and also strengthen our bones.
  • Join swimming. swimming stretch our muscle various method of swimming promote your body growth.
  • Do stretching exercise. such as yoga steps,. 
  • Do cycling. cycling promote your legs growth.
  • Do skipping. skipping the rope is very beneficial for growth.
  • Stand in good posture. Always stand or sit in 90-degree posture.
  • Rope hanging. Hang on the rope attached to the rod tie some weight to your feet.
  • jumping . do jumping with flying arms
  • sprints ( fast running ) . do at least fast running for 10 minutes even in shifts of half minutes.
  • sexual activities. Don't watch Porn and do masturbation.
  • be social. Stay Away From Mobile Games join outdoor games. be social and promote outdoor games
  • Join Jim and Cardio. only prefer light weight until your age is 25. Some exercise will also stop your growth. so beware of it.
  • Dance .you can also dance. Dancing is also good exercise which promotes your growth because it stretches our body.